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Tot School Tuesday December 21, 2010

Tot School

Bitty Bug is 23 months old

This week, Bitty Bug was finally able to enjoy the snow.  I’m pretty sure this is her first winter where she can actually go out and play and enjoy the season–last year, she was still a little baby and wasn’t walking well.  This year though…she’s out digging in the snow, and sledding, and of course, having her first taste of freshly fallen snow.  That was one of the highlights of the week…she took one bite, gave an odd look because it was so cold, and then started shoveling fists full of snow into her mouth.  That girl…

Here’s a review of the week…

Bug, still enjoying the locks & keys work

Bug took all of the little gems out of the sensory bin and one by one dropped them into the clear container. She really concentrates for long periods of time when it comes to putting tiny things in containers...

Bug also loved doing the knobbed cylinders this week. She worked on these a lot, and is now really good at figuring out that she put a cylinder in the wrong compartment, even if the size difference is really small.

Bug received this Plan Toys garden for Christmas (to go with the PT dollhouse she's getting for her birthday). This is actually really good as a peg board-type activity...each little veggie fits into the little holes. It requires a good pincher grasp and good eye-hand coordination to get it just right.

Playing out in the snow. At first, she was not exactly sure how she was supposed to be walking on this slippery snow in such a puffy get-up...

Digging in the snow

Not even snow, ice, and temperatures in the 20's will keep this child off her plasma car though. She *loves* this thing and drives it around the neighborhood every chance she gets.

Off into the sunset...


3 Responses to “Tot School Tuesday”

  1. Tracey M Says:

    Your little one is so cute! I love seeing the pictures of playing out in the snow. My son was funny too trying to walk with all his puffy winter clothes. Visiting from One Hook Wonder.

  2. molly Says:

    I recently found your blog. I’ve especially enjoyed the Tod Tuesday posts, as I have two boys who are 20-months-old. A lot of the things your littlest one dones I had assumed were too old for my boys. But maybe not! You have a lot of great educational montessori toys, etc. Are there any that you think are essentials or good starters (for little ones) for someone who doesn’t have much of these sorts of toys? Thanks!

    • allyrae Says:

      Most of Bug’s favorite toys are things that aren’t even toys–go figure! She loves matching lids & jars/boxes, she loves fastening various wallets (we bought a whole bunch of different wallets from our local goodwill for a “toddler dressing frame” basket). Our treasure basket was always a hit–a basket full of various objects that intrigue the different senses–they don’t have to be toys, just safe for babies. We used to put things like wooden spoons, small instruments, shiny foil, feathers, shells, rocks, etc. She *loved* to explore that! We also do a lot of small sensory bins that we change each season–she loves having things like beans to pour back and forth.

      As for actual toys, simple puzzles keep her busy for a long time. Blocks are a big hit too. She also loves playsilks (or, for a machine washable version, large square scarves that you can get from goodwill are a great option–they are very durable!)

      I hope that helps some!

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