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Children of God–The Holy Family, plus some free downloads November 19, 2010

Jedi is 6.75 years old, Monkey is 3 years 9 months old, Bitty Bug is 22 months old

Our first week with our Montessori inspired religious education curriculum didn’t go quite as planned–half of us were out sick with the stomach flu all week.  So, needless to say, the room that we were supposed to unpack and set up to use didn’t get finished, and the work didn’t get set out early enough.  So, this week was a very brief introduction and next week we’ll hopefully have the room set up to start really working (right in time for Advent!). 

Our first week was on the Holy Family, in preparation for the Advent lessons on the birth of Jesus.  Here are a few pictures of what we did get to do (for some reason, Jedi isn’t in the pictures.  He did get to work in the room, but I guess I didn’t have the camera on hand when he was in there. )

The few shelves I was able to put work on this week. The Holy Family won't always be on that shelf--I'll be putting it in a more easily accessible location once I get the rest of the shelves put together. 🙂

One of the two puzzles I downloaded this week from I downloaded one of the Magi finding the star, and one of the Magi traveling to see the newborn Jesus

The book basket for this week

The sequencing cards for the Prayer Before Meals I created (I'll post a link to download them at the end of this post)

The sequencing cards for the Hail Mary I created (I'll post a link to download them at the end of this post)

I downloaded these from and laminated them. I also added some popsicle sticks so that they can build a little nativity scene (but Bug much preferred to just name what the figures were and then count the sticks. LOL!)

Bug playing with the nativity figures

The 3 part cards I created for the Holy Family story

Bug exploring some stones and a wooden cross

She really really wanted to count all of the objects. She did really well with this, counting up to 15 with only a little help!

Monkey working with the nativity scene

Looking at pictures in the Children's Bible

Working with the 3 part cards

Bug looking at the Holy Family figurine. She kept saying "mama, daddy, baby" and pointing to each person in the figurine

If you want any of the sets of sequencing and 3 part cards that I created for this week’s lessons, here they are for downloading.  Please do not sell or redistribute these (you can blog about them and show pictures of your children using them of course, but I would appreciate a link back. 🙂 )

The Hail Mary sequencing cards–

The Holy Family 3 part cards–

Jesus’ birth 3 part cards–

Prayer before Meals sequencing cards–


2 Responses to “Children of God–The Holy Family, plus some free downloads”

  1. Lindsey G Says:

    If you are interested in learning a bit of southwest culture (I actually have things to send you but like always, I’m slow to mail), there are some very interesting traditions here linked with Christmas.
    Luminarias– Paper bags (or tin boxes) punched with designs in the side or left plain, the bottom is filled with sand and then a candle is placed inside and they are lit at the churches and at houses instead of Christmas lights

    December 1st-12th is Our Lady of Guadalupe Festival in the city (and throughout Mexico) , feast day is December 12th. Children dress up as the holy family and parade through the city to neighbor’s homes while people throw roses at them to celebrate the Marian apparition on the way to the meals which is shared between homes.

    Three Kings Day (El dia del tres reyes) is celebrated shortly after Christmas on Epiphany. Children put boxes or shoes filled with straw and grass for the camels under the tree as the Three Magi come to deliver small gifts. Then after the feast meal that same evening, everyone eats Rosca de Reyes (three kings bread), which is a sweet fruit bread with a plastic baby Jesus hidden inside. Then whoever gets the plastic baby Jesus is required to dress the baby Jesus in their nativity scene for blessings at the church on Candelaria day (February 2nd) which is an elaborate event. That person is also responsible for bringing the tamales to the next feast. LOL We purchased the bread here last year at a local Hispanic panaderia (bakery) and each of the kids got a little baby Jesus (the bread they sell is huge with multiple baby Jesus figurines) and took them with them to church to show off in Sunday school to tell the other kids what they had learned about the culture. (Despite many people living here there entire life, unless they themselves are Hispanic, the cultures here really don’t mix much and many don’t know about it.) (I had a better site last year, I will see if I can track it down online as it had videos and such of traditional Mexican festivals and clothing for Christmas on it)

    • allyrae Says:

      Ooooh, thank you Lindsey! That is all fantastic information! I’ll have to see if the Three Kings Day bread is something that I can figure out how to do allergen free. 😀

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