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Take the Green Halloween Pledge! October 28, 2010

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This year, our family took the Green Halloween pledge.  We made the choice to celebrate Halloween in an eco-friendly way…it’s healthier for us and for our planet!  Some of the things we did this year are:

-All of the costume parts were either handmade and bought from Etsy, bought from our local consignment store, or pieced together from things we had at home.  Plus, some of the components were bought with future use in mind (for example, the girls’ hats for their costume were bought with the intent of also being winter hats!)

-The kids used reusable containers for their trick or treating at the zoo.

-Our pumpkins were bought from a local farm, and most of them are going to be painted instead of carved, so the insides can be used for soups.  The ones that are carved will have the seeds roasted for snacks and the outer part composted.

-The kids are making all of the decorations for our party with things from our recycling bin (pictures to come!)

-The food at the party is all organic, with most of it locally grown.

-The candy we’re giving out to the kids at their party is all organic, free of artificial colors/flavors, preservatives, and refined sugar.

-Any decorations for the party that aren’t made from recycled materials are at least reusable…no paper plates, paper streamers, latex balloons, etc.

What are you doing to Green your Halloween?  Take the Green Halloween pledge here:  (Holiday LEDs is giving away a $150 gift certificate to one lucky pledger!)


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