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Outdoor Hour Challenge: Apples October 17, 2010

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This week’s nature challenge (posted a bit late) was apples.  It was a very timely challenge as our CSA share has been providing apples, and we also went and picked several bushels of apples.   For this challenge, we compared an organic Liberty Apple, picked at Charlie’s Orchard in Newark, Oh with some Golden Delicious apples, provided in our CSA share by Cherry Orchard in Athens, Oh. 

The liberty apple is a cooking apple and is the smaller red one. The golden delicious is the larger apple, and is an eating apple. Obviously, color and size are major differences. Another duifference is that the Liberty apple does have a few blemishes on it, likely do to it being organic (the golden delicious apple is from a "low spray" but not organic orchard).

The seed structure on the inside of the apple is also a difference. The golden delicious apple (top) had the seeds in separate "pods" in a pentagon shape. The Liberty aple had all of the seeds in the center, with the core being a star shape surrounded by little pinholes. I'm betting that's why it was named Liberty!

The liberty seeds were actually a little bigger and rounder than the golden delicious, which had smaller and more narrow seeds. The liberty was also a more tart apple, while the golden delicious was sweeter.


One Response to “Outdoor Hour Challenge: Apples”

  1. What beautiful apples and I love the way you cut them to expose the seeds. What a yummy challenge!

    Thanks for sharing your link.

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