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6 weeks down…a review of the first 6 weeks of the school year October 13, 2010

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It’s hard to believe that Monkey’s already completed 6 weeks of homeschooling.  Here’s a brief review of what we’ve done over the first 6 weeks:

Sensorial:  Horizontal & vertical presentations of the Pink Tower, horizontal presentation of broad stairs, first two blocks of knobbed cylinders, color box 1 (matching colors & matching to environment), geometric board, geometric solids, all 4 knobless cylinder boxes

Practical Life:  Sweeping with a hand broom, transferring shells with the whole hand, spooning pom poms, dry pouring between two creamer pitchers, pouring water between containers of various neck opening sizes, dressing frames (snap, velcro, large button, small button, hook & eye), transferring water (basters & eye droppers), transferring water with a sponge, scrubbing baby dolls/potatoes/apples, using a hammer to drive nails into a pumpkin, transferring with chopsticks/tongs/tweezers, using a paper punch, using eyedropper to mix colored water,

Physical Science:  Took apart and reassembled a flashlight

Ecology: Sorting pictures of polluted & clean environments

Math: Filling egg carton with pom poms (corresponding one to one), identifying a numeral among other objects, counting objects 0-10

Botany: Learned that plants need air, water, dirt, and can reproduce by seed, planting seeds, apple life cycle 3 part cards, introduction to botany 3 part cards

Zoology:  Life cycle of a butterfly, Learned that animals  need water, air, and food and can reproduce,

Pre-Writing/Pre-Reading:  Created patterns and matched colors with Cubes & Cards, Created patterns with the sticker matching activity, stringing beads (on pipe cleaners and lanyard lace), sorting nature items by color, visual discrimination cards, sequencing event cards, sorting into “big” and “small”, sorting leaves by color

Geography:  Primitive map drawing in sand, using a compass to find north/south/east/west, sorting pictures of land/water/air

Art:  She does a craft almost every day.  We will start to dive into the fine art stuff soon!

Nature Studies: Horses vs Dogs, Ducks vs Geese, a general study of the turn of seasons in our backyard, raised butterflies from caterpillars, Queen Anne’s Lace, Grasshoppers, Morning Glories

Foreign Language: Listened to CDs and watched DVDs in Vietnamese, started to learn Vietnamese alphabet

Vietnamese Culture:   Helped prepare Vietnamese meals 1-2 times a week, created crafts for and participated in a home Tet Trung Thu celebration, Asian continent box

Music:  This quarter, all we’ve done is just play with various instruments and explore their sounds.

Field Trips:   Apple picking, Safari at The Wilds, the Velvet Ice Cream Factory, Slate Run Historic Farm, Creeking at Highbanks Metro Park, Columbus Museum of Art, camping at Lake Hudson

Physical Education:  Gymnastics once a week (and was promoted to the pre-competative class), Tang Soo Do once a week (and promoted to white belt with black stripe), bike riding and nature walks several times a week

Social Skills:  A weekly homeschool co-op day with 2 classes, homeschool meet ups every other week, children’s liturgy at church

Whew–no wonder it seems like we’re always busy!!  It’s amazing what Monkey’s accomplished in just 6 weeks!


2 Responses to “6 weeks down…a review of the first 6 weeks of the school year”

  1. Julie Says:

    Wow! That’s an amazing amount of stuff. Way to go Monkey!

  2. Amy Says:

    Whew! That’s a lot. Just reading that wore me out ; )

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