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Tot School Tuesday October 5, 2010

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Tot School

Bitty Bug is 20 months old

This week was Tot School Lite in terms of taking pictures.  I didn’t really have the  camera near me for most of the week.  But she did have a lot of learning opportunities this week of course.  Bug is soaking in the last of the nice days before winter and going out for nature walks almost every day.  It’s starting to get a bit chilly here during the day, but she doesn’t really seem to mind much.  She loves being outdoors! 

Bug’s other favorite activity is helping out in the kitchen, so at least 2 or 3 times a day every day, she’s up in the Learning Tower helping to cook.  She washed apples, scrubbed potatoes, and mixed cookie dough, among other cooking activities this week.  This girl loves to help cook!

Bug’s other big accompishment in the past week is deciding that she wants to potty learn.  We don’t potty train our kids, and instead, we just leave potty chairs in rooms they frequently play in and just let them decide when they want to potty learn.  So far, it’s worked–both of the older kids potty trained completely in a day or two, around 2 1/2 years old, w ithout any  help from me.  It seems like Bug is wanting to learn even earlier.  She hates wearing clothes and diapers anyhow, so I guess I’m a bit happy she likes to use the potty chair a lot. 😉  Now, I don’t have any disillusions that I’ll have the 2 year old that’s potty trained by her birthday, but hey, if she wants to try, I’m not going to stop her. 😀

And here are the couple pictures I was able to take this week:

A few weeks ago, Bug used the cheese shaker and pipe cleaners to poke the pipe cleaners into the holes of the lid. This time, she didn't want to do that--instead, she wanted me to name all of the colors for her while she repeated the names.

Bug decided that she wanted to put beads on the pipe cleaner, next. Look at her concentration! She was really working hard on this. She had gotten the entire pipe cleaner covered in beads, but then knocked most of them off before deciding she wanted a bracelet.

Her finished bracelet!

Here, she's using her fingers to put beads in each of the holes of the snail tray. She has remarkable eye-hand coordination and pincer grasp!


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