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Field Trip Friday: Apple Picking September 26, 2010

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This week, we managed to have some 90 degree days, and some 60 degree days.  That can only mean one thing…it’s Autumn and time for apple picking!  We actually went twice this past week…once with just the girls as a part of a homeschool group field trip, and once this weekend with Jedi now that he was feeling a bit better.

Listening to the lecture by the farmer. He was talking about the Liberty apple and the parts of the apple. He also talked a bit about grafting the new apple species at his orchard.

Into the orchard....


The trees were really really full!

My two little ones picking apples

Monkey reaching high

Bug running with the apple she snuck a taste of

My two cuties

Helping to make the apple cider

The final step of making the cider

The delicious cider the kids made

Bug on the way home, sleeping with her snack

Jedi, joining in on day 2


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