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Outdoor Hour Challenge: Our own backyard September 19, 2010

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This week’s nature challenge was to spend time exploring your own backyard.  Now, most people might think “eh, what nature is there in suburbia?  Well, besides mice.”  But, the kids and I spent about an hour just looking at the various bits of nature in our very own suburbian backyard.

We were having some nasty weather last week, with tornadoes hitting central Ohio. But after it was all over, this was left behind...

Caterpillar vs Spider. The caterpillar lost.

Some wildflowers

More wildflowers

The view from the backyard

As summer turns to autumn, our Queen Anne's Lace is turning to seed

More wildflowers

This little guy was building webs in the blackberry bushes

Another bunch of wildflowers

Just a couple months ago, these were tall, green, and full of the juiciest blackberries

Some purple berries on some really tall bushes--these are on the other side of the fence from us, but there are a whole lot of them in one grouping. And the plants are tall!

Some more plants seeding

More things from the neighbor's yard. These seeds look all nice and fluffy. But, once they spread, they make thorny plants right in our lawn. So these aren't my favorite.

A big spider--it's really pretty

Birds flying over the farm down the street

Some flowers in the front garden

More flowers in the garden

Fuzzy little caterpillar

More grass seeding

Jedi holding a toad

Closeup of the toad

View from the front yard--a million birds always come to eat the seeds, bugs, and grass

The nature explorers...Jedi (almost 7), Monkey (3 1/2), and Bitty Bug (20 months) And me. But you're not getting my age. 😉

Goofy children

My baby bug


6 Responses to “Outdoor Hour Challenge: Our own backyard”

  1. Lorus Says:

    Thanks for sharing! You found a lot in your backyard.

  2. Phyllis Says:

    I love all your pictures. What wonderful signs of fall! My oldest two were diagnosed with Autism. They are now at both ends as my daughter “no longer meets the criteria for autism” and my son is almost mute. (I also have four more after those two that do not have autism.) It has been good to meet you and your family.

  3. Monica Says:

    Nice photos. Love the toad. I’m not sure how my girls are going to survive this winter not hunting toads and butterflies!

  4. pebblekeeper Says:

    Very Cute Toad! Love all of the fall foliage! Thanks for sharing your fall colors!

  5. Edwena Says:

    Very cool picture of the toad!! I too live in Ohio. Enjoyed reading about what you discovered.

  6. Look at all that great stuff to eventually learn about right in your own backyard! You really need to read the Handbook of Nature Study section on goldenrod while it is blooming in your yard. There is a delightful story that Anna Botsford Comstock tells about the “golden cities”….your children would love to hear it.

    Great job on this challenge and I appreciate you sharing your link.

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