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Outdoor Hour Challenge: Queen Anne’s Lace September 2, 2010

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This week’s nature study was Queen Anne’s Lace.  Queen Anne’s Lace is also called “wild carrot” and “bird’s nest”.   Some of the facts we learned about Queen Anne’s Lace are:

-It looks very similar to the Poison Hemlock, except the flowers on the Queen Anne’s Lace are more compact

-Sometimes, you can see a tiny red flower in the center of the white blooms, which is said to attract insects.

-The root is edible, but once the flower matures, the root becomes too woody to eat.

-The white blossoms curl up and turn brown in the fall, and then fall off and roll around the ground like tumbleweeds

Queen Anne's Lace along our fenceline

One of the blooms seeding

A bloom open

One head completely dried out


Some of the other flowers we found this week (all in the kids’ garden)….


2 Responses to “Outdoor Hour Challenge: Queen Anne’s Lace”

  1. Lorus Says:

    I’ve always loved Queen Anne’s Lace – such a beautiful wildflower. The flowers in the children’s garden are so colorful!

  2. I am busy working on my Queen Anne’s Lace entry too…we don’t have any in our yard but all along our street. Thanks for sharing your photos…looks like the summer bloom is just about over for you too.

    I enjoyed your other garden flowers…especially the cosmos.

    Thank you for sharing your link.

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