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What My Children are Reading this Week August 29, 2010

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I’ve been forgetting to update the What My Child is Reading post for the past few weeks…hopefully I can get a bit better at that one!  Anyhow, here are a few of the books the kids are reading this week…

A Yoga Parade of Animals: A first fun picture book of yoga by Pauline Mainland

This book is a fantastic introduction to yoga for younger children.  Each pose is compared to an animal, which is pictured next to the picture of a child doing the pose.  There is also a detailed explaination of how to do each pose and the benefits of the pose.


Apples, Apples! by Salina Yoon

This board book is a good introduction to Autum for Bitty Bug, who really loves to point out the apples in any book or magazine she gets ahold of!  The book starts with a little girl picking apples off a tree, and then shows the apples being used in recipes by the girl and her friends.


In this book, as well as in the other books in the Pigeon series, the pigeon is having a conversation with the reader on every page.  In this book, Pigeon wants a puppy, and promises to take care of him.  But, his puppy might have been a big more than he bargained for.  This book is wonderful for kids who “just *have* to have a pet!” but may not quite be ready to care for the pet yet.


We love the Scaredy Squirrel series here!  I’m pretty sure that deep down inside, they are actually trying to portray Asperger’s Syndrome in Scaredy.  And if not, well, Melanie Watt must have taken a peek inside our life with Jedi (and even with Monkey).  We’ve read several books in this series, including Scaredy Squirrel Makes a Friend.  In this book, Scaredy would rather do anything than make a friend.  Making friends is a terrifying thought to him and he needs to be fully prepared in order to even leave his house to attempt to make a friend.  He’s prepared for the worst to happen, as he always is.  Instead of his worst fear coming true though, Scaredy is pleasantly surprised!


This book is a wonderfully heartwarming story about a little piglet who has done something to upset her father.  The little piglet is distressed that his father won’t love him anymore because of his mistake.  Piglet and Papa helps kids to understand that a parent never stops loving you just because you’re not perfect!


There Was a Coyote who Swallowed a Flea by Jennifer Ward

This book is a spin on There Was an Old Lady who Swallowed a Fly.  In this variation, a southwestern theme is introduced, with the Coyote swallowing everything from a bull to a cactus in an attempt to rid himself of the eaten flea.


Never, EVER Shout in a Zoo by Karma Wilson

This book is a comedy about a zoo gone crazy after a little girl shouts while visiting the zoo.  Little by little, one thing leads to another and the zoo becomes quite chaotic, all because of one little shout.  In the end, the little girl is in a predicament due to her shouting, and the only way out is to shout again!


Leaves! Leaves! Leaves! by Nancy Elizabeth Wallace

This book takes two little bears on a yearlong nature study about leaves.  The bears get to see how a leaf changes during every season.  From the first bud to the winter rotting of leaves, the baby bear gets to see the entire life cycle of a leaf, and also gets to see how the entire circle starts again once the leaf composts during the winter.  There is also a chart at the end of the book about the different types of leaves.


3 Responses to “What My Children are Reading this Week”

  1. sunnyvale422 Says:

    Thanks for joining WMCIR – you have some fantastic picks on your list. I am very curious about that Yoga book!

  2. Really a great list – I hope my library has them!

  3. Angel Says:

    I need to check out the yoga book…bet Chloe would love it!

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