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Montessori Monday–Our homeschool room! August 22, 2010

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Monkey officially starts her homeschooling on Wednesday, so for this post, I wanted to share our (almost) finished Montessori room.  When we built our house earlier this year, we finished the basement, with the intent on using a quarter of the finished basement as a homeschooling room.  The space worked out wonderfully and it is exactly what we needed!  We can easily fit our three children in there and they work fairly harmonously, and we can likely fit 1-2 guest children as well (we have a few friends that also want to homeschool using Montessori ideas, and so we’d love to have them over to work too!)

The shelves are still bare because I need to get some things made and ready to be presented this week.  I don’t want to have them out tonight or they will likely end up on the floor by Wednesday…we have a toddler tornado that comes through here every now and then. 😉

Looking into the room from part of the play area. We started with just one table, but some of the work required more room, so we added a second table so that both girls (or one girl and Jedi when he's home from school) can work

The bead cabinet, red & blue rods, music cabinet, the calender, and the art work. The art was surprisingly inexpensive--a cheap wooden frame, construction paper mat, and postcards from our Art Museum. Each postcard has a different piece of artwork on it--I bought some extras so we can rotate the artwork out.

The sensorial and practical life shelves. Because we're working with a lot of material in a smallish space, we have to maximize storage. While I'd love to have some small kid friendly wooden shelves, we needed to be able to store what's not being used. So, the kids can use the work on the bottom two shelves, and the top two shelves are storage.

The flags of the world poster, rug basket, science shelf, language shelf, and math shelf

The little table peeking out on the side is our sensory bin. The white cabinet holds puzzles, supplies, and some of the work Monkey likely won't be working with this year.

The toddler work area

The presidents timeline poster, geography & culture shelf, and a random thematic shelf.

Close-up of the random shelf. I haven't quite figured out what to put here yet, so for now, it's for random thematic things. I have the life cyle of a butterfly, insect book, and a butterfly puzzle, since Monkey's currently enjoying raising our caterpillars

The map puzzles, globes, and culture boxes. I also have a bookshelf there--I still have to add some books to it.

And a birds eye view of the room.

And as promised, the picture from earlier in the week when Jedi & Monkey adapted Bug’s seashell work….

Jedi turned this into an abacus and was teaching Monkey how to add with it! Very creative adaptation!


12 Responses to “Montessori Monday–Our homeschool room!”

  1. I appreciate how you follow your children’s needs and interests in your homeschooling … and I’m having fun revisiting earlier posts! I LOVE the creative math adaptation! I featured your blog, post, and math photo in my Montessori-Inspired Special Needs Support post at

  2. […] Barefoot in Suburbia (blog) (photo from “Montessori Monday – Our Homeschool Classroom”) […]

  3. Calli Says:

    OK. What’s the price tag on a room like that?
    I’m a Mom to “sweet boy” on spectrum with epilepsey and food allergies.

    • allyrae Says:

      Actually, it wasn’t too bad (definitely not bad compared to a Montessori school tuition). We actually updated the shelves recently, from the metal ones in the picture to some $15 black bookshelves from w@lmart. It actually has made the room almost perfect for the kids!

      And FYI, I moved the blog over to it’s own hosting site…so the new posts are at 🙂

  4. Nicole Says:

    What a gorgeous learning space! Everything looks great. I’ve been eyeing the bead cabinet stuff – have you used it much? Thanks for linking up to Montessori Monday. 🙂

  5. MontessoriMo Says:

    Thank you for sharing your pictures. My children are a little older–6 & 8 and we have starting “spreading,” our shelves and throughout the house. A bit out of necessity as more resources need to be made available AND it protects my sanity in terms of needing to ‘reset’ the room so often for older children. I hope to post pictures soon at my blog, Stop by and visit us sometime! I’m subscribing to your blog so I can watch and learn from you!

  6. Julie Says:

    I am so envious of all your shelves and space and your toddler area. I also have a 3 and 1 year old. I’m going to subscribe to your blog for ideas.

  7. Martianne Says:

    Oh to have such a prepared environment so my unprepared environment wouldn’t affect my kids so!

  8. xan Says:

    AMAZING! Guess I should get busy on our homeschool space…. or at least unpacking our materials. 😉

  9. cathy Says:

    WOW! I love your classroom set up. I hope I get to be one of the friends who gets to come over and use it. 😉 LOL

  10. Jen Says:

    Wow, what a wonderful set-up you have!

  11. Elyn Tibbs Says:

    Wow! Very clever!

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