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Field trip Friday, part 3 of 3 August 20, 2010

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The third trip this week was to the Slate Run Living Historic Farm at the Slate Run metropark. The farm is still completely functional and operates very similar to how it did over 100 years ago.  There is no running water or electricity on the farm, and it still raises animals and crops. Several times a year, they open the farm to children and allows them to assist with the farm chores to learn how children did their chores in 1880.

The kids shelling beans for the farmers to use in soup during the winter

Beating rugs with brooms

Washing laundry in the tub

Wringing the water out of the clothes

The root cellar

The woods next to the farm

A little farm inhabitant

A bunch of ducks

Combing the broom corn so that the farmers can make brooms out of it

Monkey taking leaves off the stalk to feed the cattle

Both kids gathering leaves for the cattle


One of the cows

The two month old bull calf

The horse

Getting the kernals off the dried corn so they can grind the corn

Pumping water

Helping the farmer make rope

The pig that the kids fed rotten apples and corn cobs to

Bug feeding a pig


The water the kids were pumping

Pumping more water


Bug decided that *this* was her favorite farm chore. 😉


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  1. Martianne Says:

    What a fantastic field trip that looks like.

    There’s an award for you at

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