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Field Trip Friday…part 1 of 3 August 20, 2010

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This week was a busy week of field trips, so I decided to just save them all for a Field Trip Friday post.  This week, we hit the Columbus Museum of Art, the Natural Play Area at the Highbanks Metropark, and the Slate Run Living Historic Farm at the Slate Run Metropark.  I’ll post each in it’s own separate post since there are quite a few pictures.

Part one is a brief recap of our trip to the Columbus Museum of Art.  The museum is undergoing major rennovations, so the majority of it is shut down.  During the rennovations, the museum is highlighting one collection at a time.  It also has free admission during most of the summer.  So we decided to take advantage of the opportunity to visit the museum for free, while not having the job of tackling a large art museum with 3 small kids. 

It turned out to be a great introduction to art museums for the kids.  The museum was featuring a collection of animal-related art, which is perfect for us!

Heading up to the creativity district in Columbus

Looking at one of the pieces, and then trying to put together the jigsaw puzzle of the art piece

Working on the puzzle

Jedi putting on a puppet show at the museum

Bug drawing in the children's area

The kids listening to information on the art pieces

My three little ones!

Jedi & Monkey

And Monkey & Bug relaxing at home after the trip


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