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Camp pictures part 2 August 18, 2010

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Beautiful sunset

Roasting marshmellows and hot dogs

Bug, really enjoying camp food (they had grilled veggies and chicken right before this, so we packed in the vitamins before this part. But really, they just liked this part. LOL!)

The little guy that was crawling on our tent the next morning

The minnows swimming around

Bug collecting rocks on an early morning walk

Jedi, all excited about the "fuzzy rock" (moss on the boulder)

Some seeds in the pine tree

Monkey and Jedi playing with the caterpillar

Bug, deciding to swim on her early morning walk...still in her PJs!

Monkey, looking at the trees

Hiking through the woods

Deer tracks!

Some cool seed pods

And on a completely different note…friends and family know about our other son, but visitors might not.  Almost 5 years ago, our second oldest child passed away (September 7th, 2005).  Each year around his birthday, we raise some caterpillars (painted lady butterflies) and release the butterflies on his birthday.  Right after we got home from camping, the caterpillars had arrived in our mailbox!

The caterpillars on day 1


Another view of the caterpillars


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