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Tot School Tuesday August 17, 2010

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Tot School

Bitty Bug is 19 months old

This week, we didn’t really do any formal tot school activities as we were busy planning for, and doing, our very first camping trip.  We stayed in a tent, which was no small feat with 3 young kids!  I’ll post pictures of that tomorrow with the nature study stuff. 

Because we were busy planning for the camping trip, Bug was free stylin’ it for most of the week…spending a lot of time outside!  One of her favorite things is the plasma car.  Now, she can’t ride it like her big brother and sister do…she scoots around on it instead.  And she’s managed to go halfway around the neighborhood like that!

Cruising along on the plasma car, trying to keep up with Jedi & Monkey who are on their bikes

No trip outdoors would be complete without Bug collecting rocks. She loves to explore different rocks and pebbles!

I did have one formal work out for Bug (and the other kids as well).  While we were camping, I collected a bunch of little shells from the lake.  I brought them home and rinsed them off.  I set them out in a glass bowl, along with our wilton brownie bites pan.  The goal for the big kids was to put one shell in each space, using the pincer grasp.  Each kid did something different with it.  Monkey did the one shell per hole thing, and Jedi turned it into an abacus and was doing addition & subtraction with it.  I’ll post that picture next week on Montessori Monday if I remember.

Bug decided she was going to transfer using the whole hand, and put a bunch of shells into a couple slots all at once.  Then, to take them out, she used her pincer grasp to get them out one at a time (we’ll ignore the fact that it took too long, so she decided just to tip the pan over.  LOL!  Oops.  After that, we decided to do this activity on a little rug on the floor instead of on the counter. 😉 )

Bug transferring the shells into the pan

In progress

Happy little Bitty Bug!


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