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Tot School Tuesday–Snack time! August 10, 2010

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Tot School

Bitty Bug is 18.75 months old

This week’s tot school post is picture-lite–I didn’t have my camera close by when she did most of her tot school stuff this week.  We are busy doing planning for the official start of Monkey’s preschool homeschooling in the next couple weeks, so a lot of Bug’s tot school this week was spur of the moment stuff.

I do have a couple pictures of some stuff Bug did at the counter while I was cooking though. 🙂

Here, bug decided to do some rice transferring with a spoon. She did quite well at this, but towards the end of the week, she decided that "rice rain shower" was a fun game. So, I think this week, we'll also teach her the fine art of sweeping her mess up. 😉 Last week, we just used the vacuum. But, she did do a nice job of transferring from one bowl to the other!

This picture is pretty much the best visual aid for why we love Montessori! We were standing in the kitchen, and Bug went to the cupboard, pulled out a small cutting board, and then pointed to the bananas. I got her a banana and opened the peel, put it on the cutting board, and handed her a pate knife. Bug started cutting her own snack and was so incredibly proud of herself for getting her own snack prepared, when *she* wanted a snack! The face says it all! (For the record, she's only seen this one time with the banana and cutting board...we presented that work at her travelling tot school playgroup last month.


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