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Montessori Monday–on hiatus August 9, 2010

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We’re on a brief hiatus from our formal Montessori work as we prepare to start the new school year at the end of August.  So, I’m doing a lot of planning and organization for the first semester.  So, for the next couple weeks, Montessori Monday will consist of some “behind the scenes” stuff.  So, stay tuned…next week, I’ll have a lesson plan of sorts up where I outline our monthly, semester, and yearly goals.  The week after, I’ll have a “tour” of our school room setup.  Our formal year will start that week, when Jedi goes back to his Montessori school as well.

This week’s pictures are of the culture boxes.  They are far from being done, but we’ve had some wonderful friends send stuff for Monkey’s culture boxes (THANK YOU again!!!) and we’ve dug up some of our own treasures from travelling.  So, here are pictures of our “start”:

The Europe box: several postcards, tickets for transportation and to events, money from various countries (before they coverted to Euros), a euro, some items from the Vatican, a shawl from Russia, and some nesting dolls from Russia.

The Africa box: A couple of musical instruments, and some adorable animals from Uganda.

The Asian box: This one only has Vietnam represented so far, but that's because we were there and picked up a ton of stuff: some postcards, tickets, and brochures, chopsticks, a water puppet, an instrument, some fans, nesting dolls, boy & girl Vietnamese dolls, a silk skirt that was dyed and beaded in Vietnam, and some Vietnamese dong (money).

The North American box: some wooden dolphins & a theme park brochure from our honeymoon when we stopped in Cozumel, some reproductions of the first US currency, a bronze coin from Pennsylvania, and some tickets & brochures from various places we've been to at the east coast.

Just a random shot of Jedi making fractile designs on the fridge.


One Response to “Montessori Monday–on hiatus”

  1. Martianne Says:

    These look fantastic! I look forward to making some culture boxes later this year — and to getting my house and family in order enough to do more official-traditional Montessori. Until then, we do as we can when we can.

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