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Montessori Monday–Snack Table August 2, 2010

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Jedi is 6 years 7 months old, Monkey is 3 years 5 months, Bitty Bug is 18 months old.

Last week was another low key week as we are trying to enjoy the last couple weeks before Jedi heads back to school.  We’re still doing some Montessori work, but not really much formal stuff in the school room.  Monkey, Jedi, and I were also spending last week preparing for our belt tests for Tang Soo Do–I tested for my green belt, Jedi tested for his orange belt, and Monkey’s testing Wednesday for her white with black stripe.

 One of the things we did this week was start a snack station.  I feel like most of my day is spent making food and then hearing the kids complain that they are still hungry!  Then I get them another snack, and later notice that most of it was wasted.  I decided to try a snack station where the kids can pour their own beverages and get their own snacks, any time of the day, whenever they want it.  At first glance, I’m sure it seems coddling and a recipe for overeating.  However, after a week of it, I’ve learned a couple things:

-Almost every option on the snack table is a fresh fruit or vegetable, with a small amount of gluten free pretzels and homemade trail mix also available.  So, there really isn’t a high calorie or “bad for you” snack.  The kids are basically spending their day grazing on fresh produce.

-The kids seem to understand that the snack tray is to be used throughout the day, and once it’s gone, it’s gone for the day.  Every day this week, the last couple pieces of food on the tray were eaten shortly before dinner time.

-We use “pinch bowls” for the kids to put their snack in–they are very small bowls, and the kids seem to do really well filling the small bowl and then being done for a little bit.

-LESS food is being wasted!  They take only what they want, instead of starting an apple, and then throwing away half of it.

-There are less tantrums.  When the kids have the independence to choose when and what to eat, not only do they have control over this aspect of their lives, but they don’t have to get to that “hungry” stage that produces tantrums. 

-I still have complete control over what types of things they’re snacking on.  I created the tray and I make it as healthy as I can.  Then I know the kids are choosing good snacks.  They choose what on the tray they eat, I choose what goes on the tray in the first place. 

The beverage options. I always have out an ice bowl, a small pitcher that is easy for the baby to pour (either water or coconut milk). Then I have two larger pitchers which have either water, coconut milk, coconut milk kefir, lemonade, or diluted fruit/veggie juice. There are always 3 different drink options out.

One day we'll get a different table for this, but for now, this works. Next to the beverages, there is a fresh produce tray, small jars of dried cranberries, gluten free pretzels, and homemade trail mix, along with some pinch bowls to put the snack in.

And some other random pictures from this week…

Monkey, Bug, and Jedi helping to bake

Bug puts this basket on her head and goes around the house yelling "I'm a ghooooooost!"

The kids outside painting

I'm pretty sure Bug put more paint on the rocks (that were just keeping the papers from flying away). She painted herself pretty well too. 😉

Jedi takes his art process very seriously. He's always been a serious artist.

Monkey painting

The kids walking in the park

Jedi at his Tang Soo Do belt test

Jedi doing front kicks at his test

Jedi's super awesome flying side kick.


2 Responses to “Montessori Monday–Snack Table”

  1. Nicole Says:

    Thanks for linking up to Montessori Monday! I think the snack/drink table is fabulous. We often do a “nibble tray” here. 🙂

  2. Love all of your photos!
    The snack table looks nice, and the painting looks fun, too.
    Jedi is quite impressive with his cool kick, too…
    Happy Monday!

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