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Tot School Tuesday July 27, 2010

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Tot School

Bitty Bug is 18 months old

While Monkey didn’t get to do any formal homeschooling stuff last week, Bitty Bug sure was busy!  She’s constantly on the move and loves to try anything new, so I’m always bringing out some new things for her to keep her busy.  (Although sometimes I don’t have to try too hard.  As I’m typing this, Bug is taking out all of the cloth napkins & table cloths and building herself a nest in the corner of the dining room! LOL!)

I like to keep a practical life or sensorial activity on the edge of the countertop so she has something to do when she climbs up there. Here, she's working on transferring pinecones from one bowl to the other. This helps her with developing whole hand strength, as well as eye hand coordination.

We also had beans in the tray this week. She used her hands to practice the pincer grasp, and later in the week she used a spoon to transfer from one bowl to the other.

I brought a bin of collage materials up from the art room this week. Bug and Monkey enjoyed making collages!

Working with her lids & containers again

Exploring the nature basket

Nature basket (before we moved it to an actual basket)

Exploring the nature basket

More collage work

Bug loved doing this...we happened to have her piggy bank out to put some money in it, and she wanted to dump everything out and put it back in. This was great for eye hand coordination!

Concentrating on the bank

Walking on the balance beam during one of Jedi's occupational therapy sessions

Another thing the OT had out...putting popsicle sticks into a tootsie roll bank. Monkey loved this!


One Response to “Tot School Tuesday”

  1. Terra Says:

    Your little bug is soooo adorable. I love that you have something for her to do on the countertop. That’s a great idea.

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