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Montessori Monday–Nature Basket July 26, 2010

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Jedi is 6 years 8 months old, Monkey is 3 years 5 months old, Bitty Bug is 18 months old.

Last week was Vacation Bible School for Jedi and Monkey (and for myself as well, since I was one of the pre-k/kindy teachers).   As a result, we weren’t able to do any formal Montessori time last week, as I wanted the kids to focus on their VBS time.  But, we did do a few impromptu things. 🙂

I had the beans out for Bitty Bug to play with, but Monkey decided she wanted to practice using the spoon to scoop the beans from one bowl to the other.

Jedi wanted to work with the alphabet dragon. Monkey's not quite ready for it yet, as you really have to have some letter recognition to be able to put the puzzle together, but she liked watching Jedi. Jedi loved that when he was done, there was also a color pattern!

One of the things we worked on setting up this week was a nature treasure basket. With the treasure basket, the kids can put all of their (non-living) treasures into the basket, and then do some closer observations. All three children really love the basket! Currently, there is a smaller bird feather, a turkey feather, some fossils, rocks, pine cones, acorns, a red leaf, an avocado seed, some flowers, twigs & various grasses, and some coral that Bug broke off my big piece of coral. I also keep some smaller observation jars near the basket, and a magnifying glass.

Monkey with the basket

Really excited about her treasure!


4 Responses to “Montessori Monday–Nature Basket”

  1. Nicole Says:

    Thanks for linking to Montessori Monday! I love both the dragon puzzle and of course the nature basket. How fun for littles!

  2. kewkew Says:

    Just found your blog through the Montessori Monday. I haven’t linked up for a while, but am hoping to more often. Love the nature basket idea. We are gearing up for VBS at our church in a couple of weeks. Hope you had a good time.

  3. Your impromptu works look great! Love the nature basket.
    Hope that VBS was a nice time for all of you.
    I enjoy reading your blog.
    Have a good week,
    Colleen 🙂

  4. Great idea with the nature basket. We don’t have space for a nature table. This really inspired me to do make a nature basket. Thank you for sharing!!

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