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Outdoor Hour Challenge: Part 2–bird watching July 21, 2010

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Here is the second post of the 2 part challenge…our bird watching!

Some scenery outside the bird watching area

Some flowers. Monkey learned really quickly why she probably shouldn't touch them...she tried and she said the middle was "spikey".

The bird watching area

Some interesting plants

Crab apple trees


Walking on the trail

A mushroom. Monkey was excited because she said it looked like a "Vietnam hat" (as she calls it. And of course, if it looks like something from Vietnam, she gets happy!)

The StoryTrail. The arboretum has a nature walk that features a page from a story book every few feet. This session's book was "Mouse in Meadow". I was so proud of Jedi for reading the entire story out loud!

Looking at pine cones

Jedi reading the story


Some trees from our walk

A tree with an interesting looking "tumor" type thing on the trunk


The most fabulous little natural play area

A climbing area made of tree trunks!

Tables, chairs, and building blocks all made out of trees

Blue Jay

Warbler (pine warbler?)

Possibly an Eastern Phoebe, but I couldn't see the side to know for sure.


Warbler, and possibly a sparrow (I really don't know the names of many birds...I'm trying to match the pictures to the ones in the field guide. 😉 )

More of the cardinal and warbler


A finch

Another Northern Cardinal


And a snake


One Response to “Outdoor Hour Challenge: Part 2–bird watching”

  1. This looks like a fantastic place to observe some birds! I love the colors and the variety that you were able to see with your children. Thank you so much for sharing your day!


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