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Tot School Tuesday! July 19, 2010

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Tot School

Bitty Bug is 18 months old

This was a busy Tot School week for Bug.  We hosted our very own Montessori-based Traveling Tot School for the first time…we had so many precious little ones and their awesome mamas join us (thank you to all that came!!).  It was so much fun sharing our Tot School time with friends!  Here’s a recap of some of her work this week…

Bug still has a fascination of tiny things. Here she's putting some colorful glass beads into a jar (she's always carefully watched when playing with small things of course. But she has remarkable grasp and concentration when working with them and very rarely ever moves them near her mouth. But, of course, you need to know your child's limitations...if they are likely to swallow something or you just can't give them your full attention for that period of time, don't take the risk!)

More of the beads & jar

Here's bug working on preparing a snack. She's cutting bananas with a little pate spatula. She was *so* proud of herself for serving a snack!

Pouring a drink during the tot school playgroup. It's amazing what giving a "big kid job" to a little kid does for their behavior. Bug was so mellow and happy and just blissed out because she was able to be independent and meet her own needs...and she loved being a "big kid"!

Pouring water from jar to jar

Trying to match the tablets from Color Box 1

Serving herself some fruit salad. This work had the kids scoop some of the pre-cut fruit from the different bowls, and then mix them together in their eating dish.

Scooping sand from one bowl to the other using an Asian soup spoon

Exploring the treasure basket...a basket of objects with varying textures, sounds, weights, colors, materials, and smells. She loved going through the basket and working with everything!


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