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Happy 18 months, Bitty Bug! July 14, 2010

Filed under: Family updates — Barefoot in Suburbia @ 2:28 pm
18 months ago today, our sweet little Bitty Bug was born via c-section hours before a massive blizzard hit (that would strand my husband and our two older kids in a hotel room for the night when they couldn’t get back to the hospital)…ironically enough, it’s over 90 degrees today!

I can’t believe she’s a year and a half old today…moving quickly to 2.  She’s such a sweet, loving,  curious, inquisitive, and nature loving child…who also has quite the spirit and strong will!  I love you so much, baby girl!!

Bitty Bug at birth--7 lbs 2 oz--notice the black hair!

Bug at 6 months

Bug at 1 year, 19 lbs 4 oz

Bug at 18 months, 22 lbs 8 oz--notice the black hair is now blonde!


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