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Tot School Tuesday–7/13/10 July 13, 2010

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Bitty Bug is 18 months old (tomorrow!)

This week, Bitty Bug did a ton of good stuff.  She’s really loving the learning games and toys!  Add to it, she’s always trying to join in Monkey’s schooling and Jedi’s experimenting, and you have a child who really really loves to try new things!  What an inquisitive little soul. 🙂  Tomorrow, it’s our turn to host the travelling tot school for our parenting group, so she’ll get to share her learning games with all of her friends too!

Bug decided to go splash in some puddles during a rain storm. This kid loves being surrounded by nature!

Playing with some of the musical instruments we bought in Vietnam.

Bug's new learning space. We took our waldorf arches and put Bug's work on it.

Usually, we find her with a random marker in her hand too...

A picture of the whole arch

Working with Monkey's knobbed cylinders

Exploring the basket of containers & lids. With this activity, Bug gets to match containers & lids, as well as explore the different ways to open things. There are boxes with hinges, boxes with latches, different shaped boxes with lids that come completely off, and a spice container with a twisting lid.

More exploration with the lids

Putting jar lids into a "bank"

"Reading" a book. She is pointing out all of the animals and balls she sees in the book

Using her ball pounding toy

Putting together her stacking cone

The cone with the first layer off

Playing with a finger drum

Working with the Pink Tower (modified for little ones...only half of the 10 blocks are there for her)

More pink tower

Working with her shades & lengths peg board


Just a silly picture...she took her snack and "fed the baby".

Putting blocks in a vase

Monkey and Bug building with blocks


One Response to “Tot School Tuesday–7/13/10”

  1. bitsofmontessori Says:

    Wonderful post/blog! I’m also doing Montessori at home with a 16 month old and I’m so happy to find your blog. I see that your Bitty Bug is already using the traditional materials. We bought some materials but I wasn’t sure when to introduce them so this post is perfectly timed! 😉 I’ll be reading, subscribing and closely following…. lol

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