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Tot School Tuesday July 6, 2010

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Tot School

Bitty Bug is 17 months 3 weeks old

Bitty Bug had quite the busy week with tot school, as well as travelling to Michigan.  She stayed awake for her first fireworks this year (last year she slept through them!), and enjoyed a day at Lake Michigan.  I’ll post more about those last two things in the family update post later today. 🙂

Bitty Bug is getting quite the rambunctious sweet little personality.  She can be so cuddly and snuggly one minute, and then she’s off to be Miss Independent, exploring the world around her.  She still loves to observe little tiny things.  This week, she enjoyed picking up rocks and stones at a river (as well as trying to catch a few bugs…she loves looking at tiny shiny bugs!), observing pinecones in the woods, and trying to catch a small frog in the back yard.  We don’t have to encourage her to do any of that…she is the one that usually stops our nature walks or outdoor play because she sees a lady bug or a rock or a shell that she wants to look at for longer.  Such an inquisitive little thing!

After a walk around the neighborhood, Bug decided that she wanted to help me water the plants that are on the porch. She found her tiny watering can and kept asking me to fill it up so that she could water the flowers.

After Monkey was done spooning the polished gemstones, Bug wanted to look at all of them. She loved how smooth they were!

She attempted to use the balance board as well! For a young toddler, she was really good at staying on it!

This was one of her favorite toys this week! They are wooden condiment bottles for the toy kitchen, and the lids are magnetic to the bottles. Each of them are different sizes and colors. This toy was really good for helping her learn to sort by color, sort by shape, and practice opening & closing!

I pulled this card out of our bug sequencing game. She really loved looking at the bugs, and I helped her sort them by color.


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