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Outdoor Hour Challenge: Into the Trees July 6, 2010

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During our trip to Michigan, we decided to do a nature study at my dad’s house.  My dad lives on 40 acres, much of which is wooded.  The Kalamazoo River also runs through it.  So, the kids and I spent quite a bit of time  walking on the trails and exploring the river with my dad.  To get to the river, we had to walk through the woods, where we observed the different types of trees, the various flowers, insects, and tracks that we found.

Some orange flowers

A deer finding food in a nearby field

A deer hoof print. I'm pretty sure it was a young deer, since there were much larger prints right next to it.

Some of the ferns in the woods

Some trees. We found birch, hazlenut, maple, oak, some evergreens, and several other types of trees


Some wild raspberries

More trees

The trails

A dragonfly over the river

Some shelf fungi

Exploring the river


The river

More tree pictures

Some pink flowers

Red berries

A red dragonfly in the flowers


One Response to “Outdoor Hour Challenge: Into the Trees”

  1. ejatpsyche Says:

    Awesome pictures Ally!

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