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Montessori Monday, a day late July 6, 2010

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Jedi is 6 years 7 months, Monkey is 3 years 5 months, Bitty Bug is 17 months 3 weeks old

I have a couple blog posts to write today to catch up and get back on schedule.  We were out of the state all week, and just got back at about 1:00 AM this morning…yikes!

First, thank you to Montessori Goldmine for highlighting our toad study on their Monday Roundup.  If you haven’t checked them out yet, please do it!  You won’t be disappointed!  The Montessori Goldmine has links to hundreds of posts on the web regarding Montessori.  There are tons of fantastic ideas!

And back to the Montessori Monday post. 🙂  As I mentioned, we were in Michigan for the weekend (post coming about that later today!).  So, as a result, our workweek was a bit shorter as we were doing some packing and preparing for our trip.

Jedi and Monkey helped out in the kitchen a lot last week….Jedi likes to man the mixer, and this time Monkey wanted to do the sifting and stirring.

Monkey decided to do some more work with the knobbed cylinders this week.  She is doing very well with these if she works with one set at a time.

Monkey also worked on the "parts of a tree" puzzle to round out last week's nature study on trees.

Bitty Bug and Jedi worked with the handbells. Bug loved to ring the different bells (each color is a different part of the musical scale) and Jedi was working on matching the sounds.

Monkey enjoyed working with this M&D toy--a series of puzzles where you complete it by putting in the little shape pieces.

Monkey worked with the polished gemstones for some spooning with the Asian soup spoon

Monkey and Jedi walked through the maze Jedi made with the number rods


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