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Family Update: Our 4th of July weekend! July 6, 2010

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Here’s post 3 of the 4 blog posts I have to make today to get all caught up. 🙂  I wanted to drop off a few pictures from the 4th of July weekend that we spent in Michigan.  This post will have things from the first 2 days, and then the pictures from yesterday are coming up in the Outdoor Hour post later today since it was more of a nature study-type activity.

The first day of our trip, we went up to my dad’s house in Hillsdale.  We got there late in the afternoon, so we spent the rest of the day just chilling out and hanging out with my dad, one of my sisters, on one of my brothers.  Then on Sunday after mass, we headed up to Grand Haven to Lake Michigan with my sister and her husband.  The kids had a blast on the beach!

All ready for church...our little firecracker!

Running for the water

Bug watching from the shore...she had just woken up from her nap and was a little groggy

Jedi & Monkey enjoying the water

Bug eating lunch at the beach

Someone else who wanted to partake in Bug's lunch...

Bug and her daddy playing in the sand and water

Swinging at the beach playground


Beautiful 4th of July day at Lake Michigan

After the beach, we headed to Grand Rapids to watch fireworks over the river.

Exploring the plants at the park near where the fireworks were

The bridge we were sitting on to watch the show

Walking down by the river

Bug was the only one that was with me while we were walking on the river. Monkey and Jedi were walking the other direction with their dad.

Having a snack and watching the boats near sunset

The bridge lit up before the fireworks started

And just a cute picture of Monkey and her aunt drawing in sketch pads


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