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Tot School Tuesday–travelling tot school! June 28, 2010

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(Since I’m uploading pictures, I’m posting this blog post a couple hours early today. 🙂 )

Tot School

Bitty Bug is 17 months old

This week, Bug had Tot School at home and on location.  Our local Attachment Parenting group put together a rotating tot school where each week, we hold a session at another member’s house.  It was so much fun to be able to play with other little tots, as well as explore new ideas for learning!

At the travelling Tot School, Bitty Bug really loved a simple homemade game the hostess had made.  It was an oatmeal container with a lid on top that had a slit through it that resembled a piggy bank.  The baby then puts jar lids into the slit, much like putting money in a bank.  I have to steal this idea for home-use because Bug really enjoyed it!

Bug also enjoyed playing outside with the other little ones–especially with sidewalk chalk on the wet patio!

When we got home, we went down to the Montessori room so that Monkey could do her homeschooling.  Bug always loves joining in, so we have a special shelf of toddler-aged montessori work set out–which doesn’t really stop her from attempting the preschool work!  One of her favorite preschool aged work is the rock spooning activity.  She sometimes transfers with her hands, but she often does it with the Asian soup spoon.  She’s getting really accurate at transferring with a spoon (but she’s also really good at using utensils to eat with as well).  Sometimes she gets distracted by the pretty colors of the rocks though, so she stops to look at all of the different colors.

Bug also decided to explore the music cabinet today.  She really enjoyed the little plastic flutes, the shaker toys, and the drums!   And as you can tell, sometimes, she attempted to be a one man band with multiple instruments at once!  Here she has the stick from the wooden cricket, a drum, and one half of a sandpaper block toy.

And last but not least, Bug’s favorite activity as of late is coloring.  She will color every minute of the day if you let her (and she’s already broke in our new house by drawing a “mural” all over the living room wall, right before continuing that mural on the couch.  Doh. )  So, usually during tot school times, Bug will dart straight to the art room, grab a marker, and start drawing!


One Response to “Tot School Tuesday–travelling tot school!”

  1. theattachedmama Says:

    That was such a fun day! Thanks for capturing these pictures. I can’t wait until we do this again!

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