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Montessori Monday: Focus on Colors June 28, 2010

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Jedi is 6 years 7 months old.  Monkey is 3 years 4 months old.  Bitty Bug is 17 months old.

This past week was fairly busy since Jedi & Monkey both had martial arts camp (for an hour a day each day last week).  We took a break from homeschooling so that “life school” could take over.  I didn’t want the kids to get worn out!  But between martial arts camp, nature studies, and various trips, the kids had a great week.

We got back in our Montessori room today, and Monkey seemed to focus on colors a lot today.  She’s been really working to try to learn the names–she can match fairly well, but doesn’t seem to be putting the color names with that (but as I mentioned last week, she has some special needs that include language processing issues).

Not really “traditional”, but we took box 1 of the color tablets and some of the counting bears and created another color sorting work.  She did this perfectly and really enjoyed sorting the bears to put them on the “train”.  (On an aside, when Monkey was just about a year old, she choked on one of those bears at Jedi’s school and had to be taken by ambulance to Children’s Hospital after having to have the heimlich performed on her.  Two years later, she still remembers it, and the little stinker decided to wait until she saw me looking, and then slowly lifted the bear up to her mouth, licked it, and then cracked up laughing.  Oy….)

Monkey also used one of the toddler work items to sort by shape and color:

Today was the first time I put all 4 knobbed cylinders sets out for her–typically I just put 1 or two out because if not, the baby gets into them and throws the pieces around.  But we had all four out today and Monkey really enjoyed working with this.  I think this is a favorite of hers, because she always chooses it (she also is good and fitting the pieces in for diameter, but is still trying to master the depth ones)

We don’t have the red rods because I could only choose one set of rods during our initial purchase, and chose the red & blue ones instead.  Today Monkey decided to hold them up and compare sizes…right before she built a train track out of them. LOL!

While not Montessori per say, Monkey found our wooden USA floor puzzle on a shelf, and decided that she wanted to put it together, so her and I worked on that together.  She’s getting really good at putting together puzzles that “link” verses the puzzles where you just match the piece with the large knob with the pre-shaped hole.

She then chose to explore the geometic solids (we’re not really at the stage where we are naming them or anything…but she found the box on the shelf and wanted to look through it.)  She also worked on the alphabet foam puzzle as well.

Jedi found the new science item that I just purchased–I hadn’t gotten a chance to open it yet,  so we looked at it together.  Since our subdivision doesn’t allow backyard chickens (and because we’re an egg allergic family and raising chickens for eggs probably isn’t a good idea. 😉 ), I bought this set.  It’s 21 eggs, and when you open them, you see what happens each day of a baby chicken’s development.  Jedi thought this was *so* cool!

And after all three kids worked hard this afternoon, they decided to blow off a little steam on the mini trampoline.  Look at the height on Monkey’s jumps!


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