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Exploring nature close to home….Toads! June 25, 2010

Filed under: Exploring Nature,Preschool,Toddler learning — Barefoot in Suburbia @ 10:45 am

We haven’t done our formal “Outdoor Hour” challenge for the week, which is on mosquitoes, but we will hopefully be able to do that this weekend.  The kids did explore their back yard this week and found an unexpected surprise!  While Jedi was out looking for worms for his fire belly toads that he has as pets, he actually found a small toad in our yard.  All three children thought it was really interesting to watch and all of them observed something interesting….

Jedi’s observation was that the toad was the same color as the dirt, and the toad was hopping around in the dirt.  We got to talk about how some animals are small and vulnerable, and blending in to surroundings is one way to hide and protect itself from predators.  Jedi also noticed that toads are very hard to catch, although he was very proud when he finally got to hold on to the toad.

Monkey observed that the toad was small and was probably a very  young.  It was only about an inch long.  She also noticed that the fire belly toad inside was brightly colored but this toad had no bright colors.  In Ohio, the toads aren’t poisonous and tend to blend in with the dirt, so there is no need for bright colored “warnings” like the fire belly toad has.

Bitty Bug observed the toad’s hopping and enjoyed following the toad.  She would squeal with delight when she finally got close enough to touch it. 

After all three children got to observe the toad, they let the toad go back to hopping around in the grass and noticed that it also liked to swim in the pond!


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