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Seeds, rocks, and birds! May 7, 2010

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Monkey’s decided that this week, she wanted to spend a lot of time outdoors exploring the world. Hey, fair enough! I won’t ever argue that one. She started the week observing the seeds she planted in the pot during Earth Week. They are about 2″ tall now, and so she was very excited about that. She can’t wait to plant them in her garden plot next week.

She also went on a rock hunt, which wasn’t a very hard prospect considering we just built our house and there are still a ton of construction rocks here. 🙂 She found several big ones that she wants to paint for her garden, so we’ll probably do that next week. She also found a ton of smaller ones. We talked about sizes, colors, texture, and the different shapes. She also noticed that some of the rocks had little sparkles in it. Next week we’ll use the rocks for transferring exercises, weighing them on the scale to find which ones are heavy and which are light, counting, and using the magnifying glass.

And the last of her nature projects for the week was to color a bird feeder to hang up over her garden plot. She loved doing it, and she loved even more when the birds actually started coming to eat! Her favorite was a bright yellow finch. We’re going to have to start some bird observation journals to help with counting and colors. She loves to watch the birds!


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