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Lesson Plans for week of 5/2/10 May 2, 2010

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Hey everyone!  We had such lovely weather last week that we took the last week off official school stuff and did a lot of outdoor work in the garden.  Monkey, Jedi, & Bug did a lot of planting seeds and exploring the outdoors…including a close encounter with a coyote!  Yikes!  That was probably not the highlight of our day…seeing a coyote near your three young children is enough to knock a few years off your life, I think.  We also did a lot of unpacking…we probably have just another 2 or so weeks of unpacking ahead of us before we’re finally all settled in from our move.

This week’s Montessori room plan for Monkey for the week is: (And as always, these are the days I plan to introduce the work…she can have it out as long as she wants)

Sensorial:  Pink tower, yellow & green knobless cylinders, knobbed cylinders 1-3, Color box 1 w/ objects to match

Practical Life:  Silence game presentation 1 (story w/ focus on breathing), bead stringing, transferring objects w/ whole hand

Geology: Rock hunting, looking at rocks w/ magnifying glass, tonging rocks

Language:  Sandpaper letters A/B/C, Matching cards for a/b/c, Metal Insets

Art: Playdough, Painting rocks

Botany: Puzzles, Planting seeds

Zoology: Puzzles, Naming animals, Matching animals w/ cards, Painting birdfeeder

Physical Science:  Taking apart flashlight (concrete presentation)


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