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April 23, 2010 April 23, 2010

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I have a little catching up to do–yesterday was so busy that I didn’t get to post.  I do want to mention one thing…with wordpress I get to see the search terms people use to find me.  I sometimes check it because this is a new blog and I want to see how people are finding me.  I had to laugh because one of the search terms people used was “montessori with monkey”.  LOL…so this probably wasn’t quite what they were looking for–our Monkey is the human gymnastics-obsessed type of monkey. 😉

Yesterday was Earth Day, so we worked a lot outside starting the process of moving the new dirt to the gardens (when our house was built, a lot of the dirt was torn up, so to get things started and growing again, we had to have some new dirt brought in).  Monkey also worked on planting seeds.  She was thrilled today to wake up and notice that some of her seeds from earlier this week were already growing!

We also set up some recycling bins and talked about recycling.  Monkey didn’t seem to quite grasp the concept of what happens when you recycle, so I’m going to have to think more about what we can do.  For those that are working with younger kids…how do you work on this concept with the 1-3 year old crowd?  She understands about reusing things, but, the concept of taking something to the recycling center and having *them* reuse the things was a bit over Monkey’s head.

In the Montessori room, Monkey and Bitty Bug worked on the same things as earlier this week, plus we brought out a second set of knobbed cylinders and the yellow knobless cylinders.  Monkey loves working with the knobless cylinders, which surprises me because she doesn’t like the pink tower.  Yet, with the knobless cylinders, she builds them up in a tower like the pink tower.  Go figure! 

Bitty Bug decided to try her hand at the knobbed cylinders too–they weren’t set out for her, but I wasn’t going to discourage her from trying.  She actually did quite well.  It’s interesting to see the difference between the two kids.  Monkey is 3 years old and when she works with it, she takes out all of the cylinders, lines them up, and then puts them back in one by one.  Bug will take only 2 out at a time, and then tries to fit them back in place.  Both girls were very good at seeing when the cylinder didn’t fit in the opening and self-correcting.

Both girls were really attracted to the puzzles again.  I think I need to pull out a couple of out toddler puzzles.  I wasn’t expecting the girls to even notice the puzzles (I had them in the case on the top shelf), and not only did they notice, but it held their attention for a long time.  They are way too advanced for Bug, so I’ll have to figure out where the toddler puzzles are at (we haven’t finished unpacking the house yet) and see if she wants to try those.

Both girls tried beading large wooden beads as well.  Bug didn’t really understand the concept but Monkey did.  She only was able to get a couple beads on before she gave up though.  The eye-hand coordination was really difficult for her, but she definitely was on the right track with them.


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