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April 19, 2010 April 19, 2010

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Today was an awfully busy day to get back into the homeschooling groove.  It was our monthly La Leche League meeting, so Monkey got to hang out with a bunch of other preschool aged kids during the meeting, which she enjoyed.  Before getting into the Montessori room, we also did a bit with our vermicomposting.  We have had a worm bin for a couple years now, and today I let all three children help harvest the compost.  It was really neat because there were tons of little worm eggs in the compost and some new hatchlings, so the kids were able to see the eggs, the tiny baby worms, and the full grown worms.  They also got to see the black partially digested compost in the worm bellies in some of the more transluscent worms.  And it came full circle when they got to see the compost made from the food prep scraps go into our garden which will be used to grow more food.  A great lesson for right before Earth Day!

In the Montessori room, Bitty Bug didn’t join us today because she was hanging out upstairs washing dishes with her daddy.  But, Jedi joined us as his school was over by the time we got a chance to go down.  That was really good for Monkey as Jedi knows how to do most of the work, so she got the experience of having an older child work with her on learning the new work. 

Monkey’s favorite new work was the seed planting.  I found these tiny pots in the T&rget dollar aisle–they were little clay pots with a dirt pellet and flower seeds.  So, I picked up a bunch of them for the kids so they can learn about growing seeds (although they also helped me with my 5 trays of seed starts for the garden…but this is something that is just for them.  The kids will have their own butterfly/bird flower garden that we’ll start next month, and they can transplant their new seedlings into those gardens). 

Monkey also enjoyed the knobbed cylinders and did really well with self-correction using this work.  She would instantly see that a cylinder was too small for the hole she put them in, and she would fix it right away.  This is pretty big for Monkey who usually gets frustrated and angry when things don’t happen the way she thinks they should.  This time though, she was very calm and laughed about her mistake and then instantly corrected it.

She worked on the paper snipping again today, and really liked it.  I did have it in the sensory bin, but she decided that she wanted to do it on a tray at the table.  When I let her know that was fine, she sat and worked with the scissors for quite a while.

I also introduced a small set of magnets and some paperclips.  Monkey worked with this for quite a while too.  She enjoyed making a magnet “run away” from another magnet by putting similar poles together.  She didn’t quite get the idea of picking the paperclips up with the magnets because she was so interested in making a tower with the magnets.  She was really catching on to the idea that if you put the two red or the two silver sides of magnets together, they will repel (she said “they’re wiggling around!”) and that if she wanted her tower to stay up, she had to get the poles in a certain way.

I also put out sink vs float, pouring (we used wooden Haba pasta since our Montessori room is in the basement…I don’t want to keep food down here.  We’ll do the beans/rice when we do pouring exercises in the kitchen!)  I also had out the pink tower, which she didn’t chose to work with today.

The other new work I put out was exploring the sandpaper globe.  She didn’t stick with this for long, but I didn’t expect her to either–a globe is a pretty abstract concept for a 3 year old.  But she did get excited when I pointed out Ohio and Vietnam on the globe!

I attached some pictures of the day, plus some pictures of the Montessori room all set up.


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