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Lesson plans for week of April 18 April 18, 2010

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As usual, the date I put a new work under is the day I introduce it…I leave it out for as many days as Monkey needs it out for.


Seed planting, Pink tower, Sandpaper globe, Magnets, Sink vs Float, Pouring Beans, Set 1 of Knobbed Cylinders 

Sensory table: Paper & scissors for paper snipping


Same as Monday (Tuesdays are always short days for us)


Nature table with magnifying glass and spring nature items, Color box 1, Tonging pom poms


Threading large beads, Sorting recycling (Glass, Paper/Cardboard, Plastic), Yellow cylinders


Exploring drums


One Response to “Lesson plans for week of April 18”

  1. jodyfrommommymoment Says:

    You have a lovely blog!
    I also do Montessori with my girls at home!
    I am so glad I found your lovely blog!


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