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We still exist! March 22, 2010

Filed under: Family updates — Barefoot in Suburbia @ 4:31 pm

We’re still on break from homeschooling as the house is still piled with boxes.  We are finally in the house though, which is great.  Unpacking’s going ok, but slowly as it naturally would with three kids 6 and under.  The kids are doing well, or as well as kids who hate change can do with change.  Jedi’s actually handling it the best…he had a few days of some pretty massive tantrums, but he’s back on track and excited to have a room to himself again…even if it looks like George Lucas’s entire Star Wars collection exploded all over the place. 😉  Monkey’s doing  ok, but her tantrums and defiance has hit epic levels this week.  Adjustment has never been her strong suit, but I think once we get her schoolroom unpacked and can get back into her routine, she’ll be ok.  Bitty Bug is actually handling it the worst, which is surprising.  She’s become very clingy and whiny, but she doesn’t really understand…she woke up in a new house with furniture she hadn’t seen (we packed it up when she was less than 6 months old).  She’s getting lots of extra cuddles though and that seems to be helping.

All of the kids love playing outside at the new house though….5 months of apartment life and they’re ready to run again. 🙂  With the exception of today (it’s cold, rainy and windy), they’ve been spending 3-5 hours outside every day.  They met the only neighbors in the subdivision (it’s a new subdivision and only one other house is there so far).  They loved playing with the new kids, which in itself was shocking…our shy little ones came out of their shell with the neighbor girls.  So, it was nice to see them running around having fun with other kids.

So, that’s our brief update…we should be back in the schoolroom sometime next week. 🙂


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