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Nature class day March 11, 2010

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Two Thursdays a month, Monkey has a nature science class at our local arboretum, so in addition to our normal Montessori stuff, we went to her class as well.  The class today was about Owls.  The teacher read a couple stories about owls and then showed all the kids what is inside of an owl pellet.  They also got to pet a stuffed owl (not a stuffed toy…a real owl that was stuffed after it died.  Kind of gross, but she thought it was soft. LOL!).  Then they made an owl puppet by coloring a paper with an owl face on it, then cutting it out and gluing it to a brown paper bag.  Monkey actually did really well with this.  Usually she avoids going near any of the other kids (due to her RAD), but she really wanted some of the crayons, so she actually sat in the circle.

After the class, Monkey, Bitty Bug and I went out for a brief nature walk in the arboretum.  It’s still a bit (ok, a lot) muddy out, so we had to cut it short when the baby fell in the mud and got wet.  She insists on walking everywhere, but isn’t very steady walking in the mud.

At home, Monkey worked on several things.  I left out the paper snipping since she loved it so much.  She needs more practice in the dry pouring, but she was bored with the rice and seeds, so this time I put in some Shamrock Confetti for St. Patrick’s Day.  She thought that was pretty fun, even though she made a mess with it the first time being a little over-excited about the confetti. 🙂

For color matching and sorting, I put out some flower shaped foam pieces in spring colors.  She did this perfectly!  For tonging, I put the spring colored pom poms out for her.  I also kept out the yellow knobless cylinders, the color books, and sink vs float.  I’ve been changing the items in the sink vs float…she was very interested in the fact that a pipe cleaner crumbled into a ball will sink, but a pipe cleaner stretched out into a line will float!  Actually, Jedi came home and was amazed by that too–he said the pipe cleaner ball was so light that he thought it would float.  He tried a cotton ball, which sank too.  We decided that’s why you shouldn’t wear cotton swim suits…the cotton ball absorbed so much water that it was really heavy!

Next week, we’ll be a bit “homeschool lite” because we’re starting the moving process!  It should take us about 2 weeks to get in the house and start unpacking enough that we can continue with school.  We will still be doing stuff of course, but probably not as much.


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