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March 10, 2010 March 10, 2010

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I have no idea what to title these posts…I guess the date works as well as anything else.

Anyhow….  You’ll notice for most of the pictures, Monkey is wearing pajamas.  She’s so excited to get started with school that she runs from the bed to the school area without even getting dressed. 🙂

Yesterday was our short Tuesday.  She had a few things that were repeated from the last time.  I also added a spoon activity.  I knew that her and Bitty Bug would try to eat it, so it’s puffed rice cereal.  It lasted several hours but right before dinner, both of them decided to eat it.  This was in addition to the bread slicing work I had out.  Apparently Monkey enjoys eating her work. 😉

Today, I brought out the yellow knobless cylinders.  I was busy nursing Bitty Bug when Monkey found them, so I hadn’t shown her how to use it.  The first thing she did was build it like the pink tower…and she did it perfectly!  We used the YKCs to make a long snake too.  She had a little trouble getting it in the right order, but we walked our fingers up the line like steps, so it was easy for her to figure it out after that.  We also practiced counting with them as well.

After that, she moved to the brown ladder and did it absolutely correctly this time.  I think going from the YKCs to the brown ladder helped her figure out that the brown ladder was doing essentially the same thing!

Her favorite thing of the day was paper snipping.  She *loved* that…she loved that far more than anything we’ve done.  Apparently she’s got a high pain tolerance too because she snipped the skin off the tips of two fingers and didn’t even notice.  Yikes….  But, she did have a lot of fun doing the snipping.


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