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The end of last week, plus today…. March 8, 2010

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I wasn’t able to get back in here to finish updating about last week.  I brought out playdough for Monkey to play with and she really liked that.  She also practiced spreading by spreading sunflower seed butter on rice crackers.  She *loved* this, but she seems to really love anything that involves preparing her own snacks or meals.  Monkey’s always loved cooking though!

All in all, the first week seemed to go over pretty well.  The biggest thing I learned is that Bitty Bug really wants to do everything Monkey does…not similar but toned down for toddlers–the *exact* same thing.  So for this coming week, I’ve tried to create work for Bitty Bug that are pretty much replicas of what Monkey is doing, except scaled down so that Bitty Baby can carry them.  Not really quite what she should be doing, as it skips right over what toddlers are supposed to be learning at 13 months old, but as long as she is this interested, I’m going to let her do it.

So today, Bitty Baby had very similar work set out.  The first thing Monkey wanted to do was the floating vs sinking work I put out–a dishtub of water and a bowl of small items.  Monkey put the items in the water and had to say whether they sank or floated.  She actually did really well with this!  After she correctly identified floating and sinking, I let her continue to explore the  concept.  I gave Bitty Baby a smaller tub of water with a couple bath toys in it for her to explore.  She did really well with this until she also decided that she wanted to learn about gravity…water all over the floor.  Oops.  But, she thought that was really fun too. 😉

Monkey and Bitty Baby also worked with easter colored pom poms.  Monkey worked on sorting them by color and Bitty Baby worked on transferring with a pincer grasp from one dish to another.  I was surprised about how well Monkey did with this since she seems to have a very hard time with colors.  She was able to sort them by color perfectly though. 

Monkey and Bitty Baby both worked on pouring roasted pumpkin seeds (I wanted something that was prepared to eat because I knew Bitty Baby would start eating the work….and she did).  Monkey seems to be getting bored with pouring, but she also hasn’t mastered it. She only works with it for a few minutes before putting it up.

The reading basket today had books on St Patrick’s Day.  I read them to Monkey, and was pleased that when we went to the library this afternoon, she was able to talk about the symbols of St. Patricks Day when she saw a display in the library.  She had remembered what she read!

For a craft, Monkey is working on putting shamrock stickers on a cardboard shamrock, and then coloring it with various shades of green colored pencils.

Both kids worked on the Pink Tower.  Monkey almost has mastered the initial presentation–there are only two blocks that she gets out of order.  Bitty Baby is presented with only 5 blocks at a time (every other block) and has fun stacking them up.  She doesn’t get them in size order, but she is getting better at stacking 3 or 4 of them at a time.

At the end of the work period, the girls and I went out to play.  It was an odd day where there was still snow on the ground, but it was over 50 degrees.  It’s not too often that you get to play in the snow without a coat on.  LOL!  It was nice to finally see the sun after a long winter.

(And since Jedi doesn’t get to make many appearances in the blog since he spends all day at his Montessori school and martial arts lessons, I did want to add that Jedi is doing wonderfully with reading.  He’s reading fairly long words now.  We’re so proud of the little guy because just a few months ago, he still was having trouble with sounds, and now he’s reading books!)


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