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Day 2…short Tuesdays March 2, 2010

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Tuesdays are our short days with school work.  We have weekly appointments every Tuesday that take several hours.  But, in the short time, Monkey was able to get a lot done.  She actually woke up and went straight to the Montessori area (by her choice).  It makes me so happy that she wakes up and really wants to get started…it means she’s enjoying it!

Today, I swapped the rice out for some pumpkin seeds I found.  Monkey was having a hard time picking up the rice (and all we have are split beans in the house, which aren’t much bigger than rice)–she did have an easier time with the pumpkin seeds.  She didn’t stay with it as long as she did last week, but she still enjoyed doing it.  She’s still having a bit of trouble remembering to pick up her spilled seeds though. 

In the free drawing tray, I swapped out the crayons and put in colored pencils.  She liked this a lot better and made some really creative drawings.  She made 4 or 5 drawings before putting it up.

I introduced a basket of picture books.  Both of them were books on how maple syrup is made since tomorrow we are going on a field trip with a local homeschooling group to watch maple syrup being made.  After we get back tomorrow, I’ll read the books to her again to reinforce what she saw.

Since Monkey was trying to use a spoon to transfer the rice in the pouring activity yesterday, I put out a transfer activity for her.  I put 4 cotton balls in a glass bowl, and then put four tiny glass plates on a paper plate.  I glued a couple of snowflake foam pieces onto the plate, and the cotton balls were supposed to resemble snow.  I put a pair of bamboo toaster tongs on the tray as well.  She did really well with this and stuck with it for a long time.  Bitty Bug wanted to do this too (but 13 month olds aren’t too proficient at using tongs. LOL!).  She tried though! 

We’re finding Bitty Bug really really wants to do what Monkey is doing.  I think I’m going to have to go through each activity and set out a similar age appropriate one for Bitty Bug.  She’s really interested in what Monkey’s doing!


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