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Lesson Plans: Week of March 1st March 1, 2010

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The day listed is the day I plan to introduce each work.  Monkey will have access to the work for as many days as she’d like to do it.  So, if it looks like the end of the week  is light on work, it’s not really–she will still have access to everything from the beginning of the week too. 

March 1:

Art: Free drawing

Sensorial: Pink Tower, Brown Stairs

Practical Life: Dry Pouring (Rice), Kneading dough, Washing Apples, Helping make Apple Heart Pizza

March 2:

Nothing new, as Tuesdays we are out all day.  I will introduce a book on maple syruping. 

March 3:

Sensorial: Sorting Winter-themed foam shapes

Practical Life:   Bread slicing, Grasping noodles

Field Trip: Going to the Arb to watch how maple syrup is made

March 4:

Practical Life: Spreading sunbutter on crackers, Playdough w/ cookie cutters

March 5:

Practical Life: Watering plants, Pouring–Wet


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