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First day! March 1, 2010

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Monkey’s first day with the new homeschooling curriculum was today, and she had a great time!  She really loved all of the work, and was very reluctant to stop, even after 3 hours.  In fact, when I told her it was time to get Jedi from school, she cried and said she wanted to stay home and work.  I promised her she could continue when we got home, and she did just that. 

The first thing she chose was the apple washing.  She enjoyed that, and washed one apple for a few minutes before putting it back up.  She went back to this a couple more times today and ended up washing three apples.

Her favorite part was the pouring rice.  I thought that activity would actually not go over very well, but it turned out that she really enjoyed it.  After awhile of doing that, she ran into the other room for a few minutes, and emerged with one of her toy spoons.  She decided that she wanted to transfer the rice from bottle to bottle with the spoon.  I think I’ll set out a transferring work for her tomorrow then–she seemed to enjoy that too.

She spent the least amount of time with the free coloring.  She drew a quick picture and then put that back.  But, she’s always had access to crayons and paper, so this wasn’t very new today. 

She started the pink tower and brown stairs today.  She’s having a lot of trouble putting them in size order, but she did enjoy trying.  She doesn’t seem to get when it’s not up in the correct order, but I’m sure that will come in time.

She finished up after Jedi came home from school and enjoyed “teaching” him about all of her work today.  Then they  made the apple pizzas together.

Throughout the entire day, Bitty Bug kept trying to do everything with Monkey.  I had to try to find similar and more age appropriate activities for her.  Bitty Bug wasn’t going to settle for a completely different activity–she wanted to use the same materials!  I ended up giving her a jar full of raisins instead of rice.  However, Bitty Bug decided she was just going to eat the raisins!  LOL!

Here are some pictures from today…  (The last picture is when Jedi was playing castle and made a robot with the brown stairs and pink tower.  Not exactly Montessori, but really creative!)


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